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Guest House West Coast

Un spoilt beaches, incredible mountain ranges, rich geographical diversity, and the most astounding carpet of wild flowers in spring, West coast has evolved into a major holiday route of Cape Town along Route R27.If you are looking for a true African experience then Kwantu guest house is an ideal accommodation guest house situated in west coast. a popular international holiday destination with its breathtaking ocean views miles of white sandy beaches ,Mountain views that take your breath away that including the famous Table mountain.With so much to offer ,you can experience  its diversity geology and natural life in the West Coast National Park, Rocherpan Nature Reserve and Bird Island Nature Reserve while whale and dolphin watching off the coast will give a view of the area's rich marine life.

The spectacular Cederberg Mountains can be found here and a series of picturesque fishing villages like Paternoster ,and historical towns where  accommodation and recreational activities meets the human soul. Famed for its seafood and tranquil atmosphere. The flower season occurs from July through to September and is a truly spectacular sight not to mention the area is a bird watchers' paradise. The country's rich ancient history is displayed in San cave paintings and the renowned West Coast Fossil Park offers daily tours of its fascinating live exhibit of an ongoing excavation of fossils that are approximately five million years old.

For those with a taste for the outdoors the Western Cape coastline offers hiking trails and whale watching, with golf at the Langebaan Golf Course or windsurfing for those craving a bit of exercise In winter .visitors can snuggle next to warm fires and experience the wild seas off the Cape of Storms and enjoy the rich bounty of food and wine from the area.

This jewel of a coastline is easily reached from Cape Town, and enchants visitors with its unpretentious atmosphere and unique natural beauty.

That said we at kwatugu guest house don’t just offer accommodation we offer a facility that not only provides lodging., but  cater for private functions: Small weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduation parties, Year end functions, Private lunches / dinners Minimum 30 guests Maximum 80 guests for the events such as year end function

Whether you are relocating and need a place, or just simply enjoying a holiday stay then out budget friendly rates are affordable and comes with exceptional service .With so much to offer you wouldn’t want to miss out on this opportunity  it is an opportunity that awaits you in the west coast area






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Gardens Galore

Garden Maintenance Cape Town

Garden design is considered an art in most cultures, distinguished from gardening, which generally means garden maintenance. Gardening can affect our daily lives and over all the atmosphere and ambiance .Maintaining a garden is are no walk in the park ,there are rules and regulations that surround gardening .This   practice of growing and cultivating plants ,which are grown for their flowers foliage or overall appearance and sustenance is important as Useful plants, such as Root vegetables and herbs are grown for consumption and  others for use as dyes or for medicinal purposes.

Gardening ranges with one or more different types of, shrubs, trees and herbaceous plants, including lawns and foundation. All involves an active participation in the growing and up keep process which tends to be labor-intensive. Opting for garden maintenance service are an ideal solution when it comes to eliminating the intensive labor and upkeep of a garden

 Simple knowledge of living things a garden requires such as water, needs ,and other nourishment factors   that protect plants. Many people  would love to attend to their own gardens, they just do not have the time to do so, gardening service  provide expertise in the field .These Professionals  are  knowledgeable and practice all areas of  garden maintenance needs Generally with the following few aspects; Water  It’s important to know how much water a garden needs, because different plants require different amounts of water. Knowing about Fertilizers as there are organic (natural) fertilizers or chemical fertilizers. Pruning  skills are required  for many plants, Pruning is good for your plants' growth as it gets rid of diseased wood and unwanted growth. It also promotes good health and prolongs a plant's life. Weeds compete with other plants for water and nutrients, and must be removed from the garden to keep the plants healthy and the garden neat. mowing of the lawn can be time consuming and maintaining a lawn  should be done correctly so knowing how to do this and other tricks of the trade can have a huge affect with regards to  conserving  water, enriching the earth and preserving god’s gift to man .

Garden services should provide top quality Regular and reliable servicing of your lawn and garden beds. General tidying up, Cut backs and Clean-ups. Supervised teams are fully committed to provide the best possible service to their clients for all garden maintenance gardens Galore garden services are committed to not just meet, but by far exceed our client’s expectations when it comes to gardening maintenance providing the best customer service and support.

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Furniture Removals Cape Town


Relocating homes or offices do not have to be a stressful procedure when you have removal companies like Goafer furniture Removals in Cape town who provide quality service to cater for all clients needs. We take away the painful process of the ‘big move ‘ Eliminating the toll it takes not only on one’s body with all the pulling , shifting and lifting  which leaves aches and pains making the move not just mentally exhausting but physically exhausting to.

 We make sure that all goods are moved with the utmost care not to damage anything. We understand that your furniture and goods are valuable and some of which very sentimental, the last thing we would want is for these items to end up lost, stolen or damaged.

Removal companies Cape Town take pride in ourselves when it comes to service delivery .Our Dynamic team of professionals practice  proper procedures and protocol which entails knowledge and training of packing ,loading and transporting of goods. The staff are competent and trained  to ensure quality service is provided. You expect a  friendly professional team of  trustworthy  and reliable individuals who are able to provide exceptional service for any furniture removals Cape Town  at Goafer we assure your Items Are safe as trustworthy honest people are recruited to be part of the team.

To avoid the stress of moving house or office, it is always better to leave the work to the professionals who perform these types of removals. They will make your work less complicated and can ensure you peace of mind knowing your goods are in the hands of a professional and experienced team.

look out for affordable pricing and accommodating removal service in Cape Town that is, This is of great importance as Removal companies Cape town  make sure that furniture and other valuables are moved with caution and care and importantly  budget friendly services  

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Excellent Spitbraai’s

When planning a party we all know that there are many decisions that need to be made from the venue to the music, not forgetting one of the very important aspects such as food ! This can get tricky when it comes to dietary requirements that need to be taken into consideration,that is why choosing a Spitbraai catering option of eatery for any occasion is rewarding.  A Spitbraai is definitely an umbrella term for food which is prepared around the grill , However  the meals could be roasted, smoked, or prepared around the rotisserie. Particularly with smoking and rotisserie,

What makes this style of catering so versatile is that there are an array of different options .You don’t need to be limited by just lamb, as this is usually the perception most people have about a spitbraai .  There are various meat options ranging from juicy succulent cuts of beef , lamb ,or pork steaks .Tender meat will easily pull from the bone, and for that reason stretch’s  further amongst your guest. A range of different vegetable dishes and side salads that can accompany any of the meat served is ideally a way to cater for the vegetarians and guests who just prefer a leaner eatery option .With a long list of endless options spitbraai has to offer including grilled seafood and, Tofu which is an excellent meat substitute and grills perfectly.


So long as you are thinking about a spirbraai , permitting us to produce a menu for you personally  which will leave your guest spreading rave reviews and  leaving you and your guests craving for more is pleasurable option provided .Hiring a spitbraai company gives you all this and more, down to  the utensils could be supplied, and after that disposed of for your convenience this

We love spitbraai’s as much as you do.That’s why we have been doing it for years .Excellent Spitbraai’s and Catering was formed by Yolanda Hamman (aka Yoyo ) we are no new kids on the block. We are an independent Spit braai and Catering business who strive to give our clients the best spit braai We take pride in what we do, visit our website www.excellentspitbraai.co.za



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Constantia Accommodation

Constantia Stables

Planning a Trip to Cape Town?  Known as the mother city and one 10 most beautiful places in the world.  What better way than to enjoy a vacation than at Constantia stables in Constantia.  It is a region with a winemaking history that dates back to 1685 and which boasts 8 award-winning wine estates, Groot Constantia, Steenberg Vineyards, Constantia Uitsig, Klein Constantia, Buitenverwachting, Eagles Nest, Constantia Glen and Silvermist Vineyards.  All are within 15 kilometres of the city centre.

It is the oldest wine producing region in the southern hemisphere with an uninterrupted history of winemaking since 1685 consisting of ten wine farms.  The area is steeped in history and is home to some of the best examples of architecture perfectly positioned between the Table Mountain range and coastal False Bay area, allowing for a perfect micro- climate which produces World Class Wines distinctive in character and style.

The valley was the cradle of quality winemaking in South Africa and the name Constantia is linked with the most famous wines ever produced in this country.  Enjoyed by Napoleon Bonaparte and royalty in the 18th century, Constantia Valley’s unique combination of terrier and climate produces some of the world’s finest wines .

 The Constantia Valley has an appeal that offers something of interest to everyone, Enjoy hikes, Restaurants offer a wide selection of dining experiences catering for all tastes and ages.  Views of historical vineyards, lush greenbelts, and glorious mountain ranges and Constantia Valley Shops that provides the ultimate shopping experience.

There is an abundance of things to do in the Constantia Valley and its surrounding areas. Zip lining, Bike Park, Golfing, Hiking, Wine Tours, CraftBeer Tours and so much more Constantia accommodation situated in most prestigious suburb in Cape Town South Africa. Constantia Stables is a sure good place to enjoy a stay

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Boutique Hotel In Cape Town


Most hospitality pros agree that for a property to be considered a boutique hotel, it should not be much bigger than 100 rooms. A boutique hotel's intimate size produces its characteristic personal feeling.

A boutique hotel has an independent attitude, and works hard to not feel like a corporate hotel. Guests quickly sense a more exclusive identity and better service. A boutique hotel is an intimate, design-led property which distinguishes itself from larger chain/branded accommodation, and come with unique set of characteristics that define a level of personalized service that just can’t be found in larger hotels.

 Boutiques hotel Cape town strives to be one-of-a-kind, and Its clientele is individualistic too. Often a boutique hotel conveys a strong sense of place with a look that reflects the location's heritage, Dutchmanor manner Cape town south Africa ,the only registered antique hotel boasting history and old world charm dating back to 1812 .Equipped with state of the art modern amenities to ensure their smart, fashionable clientele is completely satisfied, It  features  the latest technology features, , providing en-suite, contemporary bathrooms, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi and  flat-screen TV’s providing all this  yet keeping the leisure of 5 star heart warming accommodation.

Delivering  an even more intriguing guest experience is done  by basing their design and amenities around various concepts, These establishments often choose one theme and build their services and décor around it. Definition and expression of a theme is a crucial path to success. Many boutique hotels introduce different themes in each guestroom, making for extra unique stay that bring the returning of guest more often than not . Playing a major role in adding the right amount of individuality ,and setting a thoughtful ambiance, relies on the  High-quality materials, and  designer furnishings, to create a memorable visual experience .These Establishments retain the magic and grandeur of the past by staying true to their heritage and rooms that take you on a journey through history. Coupled with the warmth and comfort of a private home. Whether they are exclusively modern, historic, or a mix of both, these establishments usually focus on aesthetics and offering  exceptional standard of service. These establishments are so unique and differ so widely from one another there for cant really be categorized

There are many reasons people often prefer boutique hotels to standard hotels.  If you could summarize what you get at boutique hotel, as opposed to the standard chains, “a unique experience “ is surely one of things that would pop in to one’s mind after all who wouldn’t want to pampered  In such a classy way .





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Ballistic Uniforms

Security Uniforms

First impressions are what last when it comes to gaining new clientele and maintaining good business relationships. At Ballistic uniforms who make security uniforms and take pride in providing  a service that is not very common and yet important. Boasting the significance of organizations and what they stand for to be projected to the rest of the world. Providing a service that gets to be able to be a part of providing Uniforms for those  intended to identify one as an employee of a transit company that individuals work for. Organizations that wear uniform  gives the public a certain assurance that organizations proudly want to project , and represent their organizations appearance and Assertiveness, through a uniform be it legal authorities identifying individuals who have the skill set an d can operate in his field, in a safe, legal, proficient manner if it were to be a representative of  one the following which is ;Police officers  who wear uniforms as a statement of authority and responsibility that’s how we identified the individual

Members of the armed services wear uniforms for these reasons, but also to highlight differences between those members.  Uniforms identify branch of service; rank and authority; and skills, job assignments, and achievements.   When you walk down the street, are you able to guess things about the lives of the people you see? Based on the type of uniform they wear for their organization well yes there for uniforms create awareness to the public using uniform as a statement

Ballistic Uniforms & Apparel’s focus is on service excellence and providing a quality garment to the industry immense knowledge of the industry enables Ballistic Uniforms and  Apparel to be a powerful competitor in the uniform business industry. with a team of professionals that are skilled in this industry are there to assist and provide clientele with what a organization or other group of parties want to portray and represent through the uniform they wear To give such a service is so rewarding and not difficult at all .Its just that people are not aware of the services most of the time as usually the supply chain to everything is retailer .Just a phone call away Ballistic uniforms provide Bullet Proof, Combat Wear, Knitwear, Rainwear, Suiting, Tactical, Security Uniforms, Footwear and so much more sourcing and harnessing the possible material to suit and meet all the needs of individuals seeking uniforms of high quality ,long lasting and cost efficient to the budget

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Able Plumbing

Bathroom Renovations

The first step to planning a bathroom remodel is evaluating the existing space.  If you’re planning on updating or renovating an existing bathroom, be prepared to be overwhelmed. Planning in advance by about 6 months would be a smart way to be able to plan for your bathroom renovations. There are many decisions to make and considerations to accommodate; as bathroom renovations can take its toll on you as it takes a lot work however planning properly can alleviate the headaches.  First and foremost to get you on your way is the budget, budgeting for materials, contractors and of course one of the most important being the plumbers.  That’s where we at Able Plumbing have you covered on all the plumbing requirements needed when taking on this very rewarding renovation to any home.

Some people prefer to take on all of the work themselves, but it’s important to know when plumbing repairs, fixture or appliance installation is outside of your skill range.  Help from a plumbing professional with experience and knowledge is where we at Able Plumbing come in.  We provide the various services when it comes to bathroom renovation plumbing.  Our plumbers are dedicated to have a solution to tackle all of the problems that are expected to arise, such pipes re-routed, and plumbing lines positioned properly for your new fixtures.  These are just basic.

At; Able Plumbing we are plumbers who understand that in the bathroom, every individual fixture such as the toilet, tub, shower, and sink rely on proper plumbing not only to perform optimally, but to be compatible with other fixtures when used simultaneously.  Whether you’re redoing the entire bathroom or just swapping out some fixtures.  Fixtures and appliances can unexpectedly create serious damage to your home’s plumbing system; a common problem in the bathroom is when homeowners think they can easily shift the toilet.  Toilets are lightweight and compact so it’s sensible to think you can handle it yourself.  However, even if you’re reusing installations and only moving the toilet a few inches, it’s considered a major plumbing change.  You’ll soon realize it’s not the pipes in the wall but the hole underneath that creates a challenge.


Projects that involve building permits are best handled by a professional plumber; such as moving or expanding the plumbing system.

Remembering the importance of plumbing services should not be overlooked.  Jobs such as when not installed or serviced properly, pipes, fixtures and appliances can unexpectedly create serious damage to your home’s plumbing system.  The expertise of a plumber in relocating pipes, as well as installing fixtures and appliances, minimizes inconvenient downtime during the course of your remodel.

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